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House Fire Renovation

This stunning single family home was once a burnt house, crazy right, Our team Here at DD Contracting took a home that was almost ready for teardown and turned it right around and made it a beautiful living home for many more years to come.

This home had a lot of foundation issues and was 6 inches lower from left to right side. Our team took this home and raised it up and installed lots of 2x12 blocking to insure the structure of home is 100% solid. The floor joists all had to be leveled out to make sure that the flooring will be nice and even all the way along the home and of course support the home.

The homeowner was looking for an addition on the back side to add more value and more space. So our team added 8 feet to the back side to make the master bedroom bigger and make an enclosed sunroom with a utility room.

The roof rafters were all built new to create a new roof pitch on the backside of the home and allow the inside to have more ceiling height making the home feel more spacious.

The bathroom was extended 4 feet which allowed for a bigger vanity and closet, because why not am i right?

To make everything standout more, the home received all new windows and doors, thank you southstone interior/exterior solutions for the install! this made the home really stand out with the green and white accents.

Our team also installed a brand new black metal roof to give this home a long lasting and durable roof, and of course give it an amazing brand new look!!

Reach out to our team here at DD Contracting for any of you're home improvement needs. You're Vision, Our Expertise!!