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Investor Friendly Unit Remodel

Our team at DD Contracting took this 20 year smokers unit and turned it into a beautiful modern livable apartment. This 2 bedroom 1 bath unit had a tenant of 20 years smoke inside causing the whole unit to have tar bleeding down the walls. All the walls and ceilings were wiped and scraped to get the tar off and then we applied a few layers of kills to cover the stains and smell. This unit was a 1 bed 1 bath and our team turned this unit into a 2 bed 1 bath raising value and adding more living space! The bathroom was completely remodeled with a new bathtub, vanity and toilet to give it a more modern look and updated all the old gross tar stained items. A whole new kitchen was installed including new kitchen cabinets, counter top, sink, tap, and tile backsplash giving it a appealing white new look with lots more cabinet space.

Give us a call for any of you're home or investment property needs. We make sure you will receive as much of a ROI (return on investment) as possible and add more value to you're property!