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Low Income Housing Exterior Project

Our team here at DD Contracting made this unfinished exterior look complete, with a full exterior siding wrap and windows. We take pride in the work that we do and our professionals make sure that the work being done, is done 100%!!

Project details:

1. The house started out as an open shell with only a water membrane on, Our team made sure to install this amazing looking light grey vinyl siding 100% to give it that awesome finished look!

2. The home also had no windows or doors installed in it, shoutout to southstone interior/exterior solutions for assisting with these brand new all white Gentek vinyl windows and doors. Sure makes the home airtight and give it a nice fine detail!

3. To give this home a nice white outline. The whole house had all new white soffit, facia and eavestrough installed giving it a nice white border all around and making the house look complete.