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Barn remodeling

This 30x20' barn got a beautiful remodel. Its well over 100 years old and will now be up for another 100 years with these upgrades.

Project Highlights:

1. New metal roof was installed, we made sure that the old wood that was under the existing roof was good before we installed this new black metal roof.

2. All windows were replaced with new gentek vinyl windows to match the roof and to give it an amazing look.

3. The exterior of this barn was completely cleaned and stained to water seal the wood and give it a complete different look and make it very sharp.

4. The interior of the barn was opened up to allow for a more open concept design. our team installed a wood beam across the barn to support the 2nd story. the beam is held by 4 6x6 posts which allowed us to position them further apart to allow more room in the center of the barn.

5. The staircase leading upstairs was moved from the center of the barn to the far corner of the barn to allow more space. The staircase was fully secured and a wood handrail installed for safety reasons.

6. The second story had sheeting installed on the inside to keep snow, wind and critters out and have the storage space be dry.

7. Our team handcrafted a beautiful stained black double barn door to still have the functionality of a regular sliding door but when both doors open it allows for a full access into the barn for those bigger items.